Tree plantation

Planting Incentive Programs


Ensemble on verdit is a campaign by the GRAME whose objective is planting  trees on residential lots in participating municipalities.

Do you want to beautify your property with a new tree?

The trees offered in this campaign comply with the regulations that apply to planting trees in our partner cities. However, for tree replacements, be aware of the regulations provided by your inspector to ensure that your tree is planted in a suitable location.

Take a look at our selection of trees, carefully chosen by our experts for their contributions to biodiversity and the urban tree canopy. Don’t wait until the last minute to make your choice, since tree quantities are limited.

When you purchase a tree, the planting service is included! The whole process is completed in a few steps:

  • Choose and order your tree(s)
  • Receive confirmation of your order by email
  • Get ready for our visit
  • Planting your tree
  • Take care of your tree

The fourth season has officially started!


The emerald ash borer is well established in Senneville, with almost all ash trees affected. Since 2017, +/-750 public trees have been felled in parks and street rights-of-way.

GRAME tree planting projects have led to the replanting of 467 trees to date. Of these 467 trees, 227 were planted in 2023, including 62 on private land via the Ensemble On Verdit (EOV) program; and 165 in parks and street rights-of-way.

With 240 trees already planted in 2022, there will only be a shortfall of 280 trees to be planted in the coming years to achieve a felling/planting ratio of 1:1

Replacement tree planting

The Financial Assistance Program for tree replacement is continuing this summer. An amount of $500 per property will be granted to Senneville residents who apply for financial assistance after obtaining a certificate of authorization to cut down a tree. For more information on the terms and conditions, please consult By-law relating to the establishment of a financial assistance program for the replacement of a tree..

Directory of recommended tree species for plantation inside the Ecoterritory of the Senneville Forest

Guide – Directory of recommended tree species for plantation inside the Ecoterritory of the Senneville Forest