General maintenance

General maintenance

The Public Works’ mission is to provide services to residents throughout the year in the following sectors:

  • Maintenance of parks and green spaces;
  • Maintenance of pathways;
  • Minor repairs of streets;
  • Repair of the aqueduct system;
  • Support to other services, especially the ” Recreation and Culture Services” for the organization of recreational activities, etc.


Certain areas of the Village are served by an aqueduct network required for the fire protection and consumer needs. This service is carried out by filtration plant located in the Pierrefonds-Roxboro district, and it is a Montreal agglomeration responsibility.

Each year, during the months of May and September and/or October, the public works department flushes the aqueduct network and inspects the fire hydrants. This process is usually carried out from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 3 pm. It consists of evacuating the particles and fragments attached on the inside walls of the aqueduct network pipes. Then, we evacuate the soiled water by fire hydrants.

This large-scale operation can cause a change in water pressure and/or may produce a reddish (rusty) color; It is, therefore, recommended to avoid washing clothes or dishes during these flushing periods. If your water is rusty, open the cold water tap of your bathtub and let it run approximately 15 minutes or until clear.

Clearing Fire Hydrants

Amongst the tasks, the municipality performs the clearing of all fire hydrants to ensure quick and secure access throughout winter.

Also, if you have a fire hydrant on your property, you can help us by avoiding throwing or pushing snow near or on a fire hydrant. In doing so, you may also save lives … Think about it.

Snow removal

Winter comes to us with a its magic and fun, but the season also requires organization and services adapted to the climate.

Snow removal requires heavy equipment and significant human and financial resources. In fact, snow removal as well as the abrasive spreading is done by an external company.

Public Works is in charge of snow removal of parking lots of our municipal installations as well as the municipal walkways throughout the Village.

In order for everyone to participate actively, efficiently and safely in snow removal on Senneville roads, here are a few guidelines to be followed:

  • It is prohibited to deposit, throw or blow snow on the roads;
  • It is prohibited to park your vehicles on the road at night between 12:00 (midnight) and 7:00 am;
  • It is prohibited to park your vehicles on the road for more than four (4) hours consecutively between 7:00 am and 12:00 (midnight).

Additional information – ROAD SECURITY – SNOW PLOW 

Snow removal bylaw


When snow reduces visibility, the plow operator might accidentally damage your lawn or your bins.

Citizens are invited to inform us of such an incident as soon as possible (no later than April 15) through the online request platform.

The Village of Senneville is not liable for damages (such as tire tracks) caused by a third party.