Use of a fire hydrant

Fire hydrants are primarily used by firefighters for fire safety and by public works for network maintenance. It is therefore forbidden to connect to any hydrant unless you have first obtained a temporary permit from the Public Works Department and paid the fee.

General Rules

  • Only use city-designated fire hydrants. 
  • Advise the city before and after the period you will be using the fire hydrant.
  • When you connect to the hydrant, make sure you do not block access in case it is needed in the event of a fire.
  • Do not use fire hydrants when there are freezing temperatures (between November 15 and April 15) unless you are able to protect the hydrant accordingly. 
  • Do not run the water for purposes other than the authorized purpose. 
  • Never leave the water running in order to minimize risks and damages. 
  • The user must supply the necessary fittings and piping. A 2 ½” Gate Valve and a non-return valve are required for connection. After installation, the hydrant must be opened to maximum flow and then controlled by the installed tap/valve.
  • The hydrant must be inspected before and after use (at least once a week for prolonged use). The user will be responsible for the hydrant during the authorized period.
  • The hydrant must ALWAYS be used fully open WITH a valve on the hydrant to control flow.
  • All accessories (reducers, faucets, hoses) must be removed after each use or after each day of use.
  • Make sure that there are no leaks in the connectors you use to avoid spilling and wasting water.

Send this information via the permit application to the following e-mail address:

Permit application (Form available upon request at the following email:

*** Please send your form and your documents at least 10 business days before work is scheduled to begin.

  • Company name, address, phone number and e-mail 
  • Name of the person representing the company who will sign the contract 
  • Reason for using the fire hydrant
  • Location of the work, with plans if necessary
  • Planned dates of use
  • If a specific fire hydrant is required, please provide its number or exact location 
  • The contract or purchase order number, if a contract awarded by the city is involved

2024 Tarification (By-law No. 499, article 4.1)

1 day or less$71
More than one day, up to 2 days$146
More than 2 days, up to 7 days$220
More than one week, up to 2 weeks$293
More than 2 weeks, up to 8 weeks$368
More than 8 weeks, up to 26 weeks (to be renewed every 6 months)$440