Bulk waste collection

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Bulk waste collection

Bulk waste is defined as non-industrial waste that, because of its size, volume or weight, cannot be accepted in regular household or residual waste collections.

Collections Dates

4 times a year.

2024: January 12th, May 10th, July 12th and September 13th

General Instructions

When you wish to eliminate bulk items that can be reused, consider the following ” payback” option by contacting an organization that helps people in need by supplying used goods at a reduced price.

Directory of Community and Social Organizations



Instead of sending your old mattress to a landfill, think of recycling it! https://www.recyc-matelas.com/en/



Bulk items that cannot be reused or recycled take the path of elimination.

What materials are accepted?

  • Appliances of all sizes
  • Baths, toilets, sinks
  • Cabinets, bookcases, desks, tables, chairs
  • Doors, windows
  • Large cardboard boxes

What materials are declined?

  • Asphalt, brick, cement, gravel, stone, sand, peat, asphalt shingles
  • Garbage and dead animals
  • Mechanical parts, equipment or carcasses of vehicle or tires
  • Hazardous waste (paint, chemical, toxic or explosive products), garden waste, construction waste
  • Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, propane tanks
  • TV’s and screens
  • Any items that can be recycled or routed for reuse such as books, clothing, small furniture, electronics and computers.
  • Construction residue resulting from major construction work is refused. However, small building materials (from minor renovations) are accepted if there are no safety issues (nails, glass, contaminations, etc.).