Community resources

211 West Island

211 is an information and referral service that refers citizens towards community organisations, public and parapublic services and programs near them.


  • 211 service helps curb poverty and social exclusion, giving the people with non-urgent social needs rapid information on the social and community resources that will help them find solutions to move beyond their precarious situations.
  • 211 is a free service, largely accessible especially for low-income people, seniors and newcomers.
  • With the help of statistics from calls and web frequency, 211 sheds a light to government officials and decision-makers on social needs and in determining missing resources that are needed.
  • 211 is available everywhere in Canada and some areas of Québec.
  • 211 is an ally of other N11 services:

Consult the directory of community organizations and services (NPOs), public and parapublic of Montreal’s West Island.

211 WEBSITE: Social and Community Information (