Reduction of gas emissions

Reduction of gas emissions

Did you know that road transport including motorcycles, automobiles, light trucks, buses, accounted for 32.5% of total greenhouse gas emissions in 2007, here in Quebec? This is why we need to work together to reduce these numbers. But how?

When going on a short distance outing, why not walk or use your bicycle?

Active transportation saves money on gasoline. Walking or biking short distances saves approximately $253 per year in addition to providing the benefits of being physically active on a regular basis.

Carpooling or ridesharing is a great way to go to work!

Ridesharing is a great way to save money everyday. It enables you to save money on gas but also on the annual maintenance fees of your vehicle as well as reducing the wear and tear of your vehicle.

Or you could use the TAXIBUS

Choosing public transportation instead of driving a car represents gas savings and less car repairs.

Avoid Idling

Each driver can take steps to save fuel, money and reduce CO2 emissions that contribute to climate change. One of the easiest is to avoid idling.

Believe it or not, it takes more fuel to allow your motor to idle for 10 minutes that when you start it.

The best way to warm up the car engine is to drive until the engine temperature begins to rise, this without accelerating too rapidly or driving at high speeds.

On very cold winter days, you could reduce the impact caused by idling your motor by using a motor heater.

Next time, think twice ! Avoid idling. You will benefit as much for the environment as for your vehicle.