Drinking water

Drinking water

In spite of the precautions that are taken, changes in drinking water are occasionally observed. Maintenance work on the water supply system can also require service interruptions and affect the water’s appearance.


Tap water can sometimes appear white, grey, yellow, brown or orange in colour. Several potential causes can come into play. This can cause some inconvenience, including stains on fabrics. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid washing clothes and dishes during the network intervention. In the event that your water is rusty, you should turn on the cold water tap in your bathtub and let it run until it turns colorless.

Decrease in water pressure

Various factors can contribute to a decrease in water pressure, such as work operations in progress and the presence of rust in water mains. Residents can call 514-457-6020 or 514-630-1234 to report the problem. An intervention will be planned if necessary.

Water service interruptions

The drinking water supply is sometimes interrupted during work operations on the supply system. These interruptions are usually of short duration. In the event of a more prolonged water service interruption, residents will be notified about measures taken to provide them with drinking water.

Notices to residents

The municipality is sometimes required to issue warnings concerning drinking water consumption in the event of work operations, a breakage, defective equipment or water contamination. Lawn watering bans may be issued. The instructions to follow are outlined in advisories distributed to residents.

The city issues five types of advisories:

A notice is issued when regular services are restored, and new guidelines for drinking or using tap water are provided.

Annual reports and reviews of the Senneville drinking water distribution system

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