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Municipal administration

It will be our pleasure to provide you with information and referrals to other resources, programs and activities offered by the Village of Senneville. We are there for you!

Customer service

Our customer service is available to answer your questions Monday to Thursday: 8 am to 12 pm – 12:45 pm to 4:30 pm, Friday: 8 am to 12 pm, if you wish to provide us with feedback, file a complaint, or obtain information.

Coordinator – Customer Service and Administrative Support

Mrs. Nancy Stutz

Regular office hours – 514-457-6020

For any emergency after regular office hours, call 514-630-1234

Director General

The Director General of the Village provides the link between the council and the administration while managing the municipal activities and services. If necessary, the Director General coordinates the emergency centre of the municipality.

Director General

M. Robert Malek

Administrative assistant to General management



This service oversees the management of financial matters. It supports all municipal departments to ensure the smooth functioning of financial transactions. It deals more specifically with the imposition of taxes, revenue collection, preparation of payroll, payment of accounts payable and accounts. This service is also responsible for the procurement, IT, budget preparation, financial statements and financial planning of capital and infrastructure, as well as their financing.

Finance and accounting manager

Mrs. Karine McDonald

Legal Affairs and Town Clerk

This service manages the legal aspects of various issues and projects of the municipality. It deals with legal advice, counseling, archives, records management, municipal court, perception, and requests for access to information. This service also works for the organization of elections, in addition to implementing the policy contract management and manages the various tenders for the municipality.

Assistant Town clerk


Recreational, cultural and community life and communication services

The recreational, cultural and community life services coordinate all the sport, cultural and community activities offered by the Village. This service is responsible for the management, animation and programming of the activities, the George-McLeish Community Centre, the pool as well as the sports and recreation facilities in the various parks. The manager ensures all the tasks related to the communication tools production and various digital platforms management (website, newsletter, social media).

Manager of Recreational, cultural, community life and communication services

Mrs. Geneviève Fournier

Coordinator of recreational services

Mrs. Mireille Chartrand

Technical services and public works

This service oversees the maintenance of municipal infrastructure, roads, sewage system and the distribution of drinking water. It also ensures the proper maintenance of facilities for wastewater and ensures the maintenance of the municipality’s buildings, vehicles and machinery. In addition, this department is responsible for engineering projects, including the control and supervision of projects, infrastructure design, monitoring construction projects and making sure the plans are updated. It also oversees the environmental standards and ensures to provide citizens ecological means to recover different materials. Thus, it is responsible for the management of household waste and recycling pick-ups.

Technical services and public works

Mr. Jean-Denis Ladouceur

Team leader – Public Works

Mr. Daniel Laparé

Labourers – Public Works

Mr. Jean-François Arsenault

Mr. Gabriel Lovera

Mr. Frédéric Paiement Guilbault

Urban planning services, permits and inspections

This service plans and coordinates the development of the territory through the application of different laws, all in accordance with the development plan adopted by the council and on a larger scale with the “PDGMR” – Waste management master plan for the agglomeration of Montreal. The inspector informs and guides the citizens, businesses and institutions in their projects, small or large, in accordance with the regulations.

Manager of urban planning services, environment, permits ans inspections

Mr. Sébastien Blanche

Coordinator of urban planning, environment, permits and inspections

Mrs. Jeannette Bertrand

Technician of urban planning, environment, permits and inspections

Miss Alexandra Breton