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Permit Application Process

New construction projects require proper planning to ensure they meet your objectives and comply with applicable regulations. The Urban Planning, Environment, Permits and Inspection Department actively works to maintain the quality of the community’s living environment by ensuring that each new project complies with municipal zoning, building, subdivision, and permit and certificate by-laws.

Our dynamic team oversees a wide range of residential projects and welcomes any questions regarding the regulations applicable to your project (zoning, SPAIP, architectural guidelines, building permits). Therefore, do not hesitate to contact the Urban Planning Department at 514-457-6020 or before starting your project..

Following are a few useful tips before you start your construction project:


  • Step 1 Contact the Head of Urban Planning. They will answer any questions you may have and provide information on the planning process.
  • Step 2 Complete the mandatory documents for building permit application in collaboration with any relevant private professionals.
  • Step 3 Submit your building permit application (along with all the complete and compliant plans and documents).
  • Step 4 Meet with the Head of Urban Planning to check that your application is complete and make any adjustments to the plans if required. Several meetings and written communications may be required at this step.
  • Step 5 Ruling of the Planning Advisory Committee (CCU) on the compliance of the project with the SPAIP by-law (assessment based on applicable objectives and criteria).
  • Step 6 Approval of the project by Municipal Council based on the recommendation of the Planning Advisory Committee (CCU) and SPAIP by-law compliance.
  • Step 7 Issuance of the building permit by the Municipal Inspector following approval of the project by Municipal Council and receipt of compliant construction plans.


A minimum period of 6 to 8 weeks is required for the issuance of the building permit after the submission of your complete and compliant application (Step 3).

Responsible Applicants

Regulations are designed to protect public interests. Urban planning by-laws are a means of regulating activities, construction and uses on the territory to ensure a better development framework, increased safety, and a better quality of life for all citizens.

The Town’s role is to assist applicants for construction or renovation permits. Citizens must act carefully and responsibly when making decisions related to their construction project.

Applicants have an obligation to be properly informed and to call upon private professional resources if necessary, both in the planning of projects and in the execution of the work. The quality of construction is the responsibility of the applicants, who must ensure that promoters, builders, contractors, and professionals carry out their work in accordance with the rules of the trade and fully assume their civil responsibilities.

Compliance with the Quebec Construction Code and the National Fire Code is the responsibility of the applicants, professionals, and contractors. Municipal officials may refer to them when analyzing permit applications or during inspections.

Role and objectives of the urban planning department

The Head of Urban Planning will accompany you throughout the steps to obtain the required authorizations. However, it is YOUR responsibility to submit a complete and compliant permit application, as well as demonstrate that the project has the required architectural qualities. We strongly recommend that you work with professionals (e.g. architect).

  • The Urban Planning department will assist you in completing your project.
  • The Urban Planning department will issue the necessary official certificates confirming compliance with the applicable regulations.
  • The Urban Planning department acts with integrity while respecting his/her responsibilities.
  • The Urban Planning department acts as a partner to protect your investment.
  • The Urban Planning department can make suggestions to improve your project and avoid costly mistakes.

We invite you to consult the full versions of the following documents:


2)  By-law modifying the site planning and architectural integration program by-law Number 452

3)  The Guide to architectural principles to learn more about the philosophy and principles guiding the Senneville-sur-le-parc development project.

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