Storage place for non-motorized watercrafts

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Storage place for non-motorized watercrafts

In response to one of the suggestions made by citizens during the public consultation, a storage space for non-motorized watercrafts will be available for residents to rent this summer.

The “53

A portion of the building located at 53 Senneville Road (formerly designed as a water treatment plant) will now house a secure storage area for watercraft such as kayaks and paddleboards.

This year’s pilot project will allow first come first served to store personal equipment in a municipal facility with chip access.

Fees – SUMMER 2024

Summer storageOff-season storage
SIMPLE watercraft50 $75 $
DOUBLE watercraft75 $150 $

If you are interested in this initiative, please email with your name, street address, email address and phone number.


  • The use of a site is reserved for all persons with a civic address or property in the Village of Senneville: citizens, residents or taxpayers;
  • A maximum of two boats or a double kayak per property will be granted, if places are not distributed at the start of the summer season, they may be offered to those wishing an additional site;
  • Complete the application form for the use of a place for kayaks or paddleboards;
  • Return the form no later than May 1 of each year, either by email, mail or in the letterbox on the exterior wall of Town Hall;
  • Payment of rental fees (according to the regulations in force) is required when submitting the form;
  • Considering the limited number of places, the municipality will proceed on a first come / first served basis to determine the holders for the coming season. Each person will be contacted to confirm their location and the details of the boat that will be stored there. A confirmed request acts as a contract for the current year only;
  • The location will be accessible from May 1 of each year;
  • The site may contain a maximum of two (2) boats or one (1) double kayak;
  • The safety of the boat in the location is the responsibility of the landlord;
  • The location must be vacated no later than October 31 of each year;
  • If after this date there are still boats in the locations a fee of $ 75 will apply for each of the boats to be stored for the off-season period.