Skating rinks and slides

Skating rinks and slides

In winter time, the Village of Senneville maintains two outdoor rinks:

  • Senneville park 20, Morningside Avenue
  • Michel-Legault park 35, Phillips Avenue


Update: February 22, 2024

The outdoor skating rinks at Senneville Park (20, avenue Morningside) and Michel-Legault Park (35, avenue Phillips) are CLOSED.

Important Information

It is important to underline that climate change has a significant impact on the possibility of practicing this activity. Frequent and significant variations in weather conditions and reduced frost period affect the quality of the ice and often completely prevent preparation. Our teams make sure to prepare the ice rinks so that they are operational as soon as the weather allows.

Preparing an Outdoor Skating Rink

Weather Conditions
  • A layer of snow must line the ground
  • The outside temperature should be at most -8 °C during the day and be below -15 °C at night
  • This temperature must be maintained for at least 5 consecutive days
Main steps
  • Installing borders or strips
  • Preparation of a 5 cm thick compacted snow base
  • Hardening period
  • Watering and surface work
  • Repetition of the watering operations until reaching an ice thickness of about 10 cm
  • Repairing cracks caused by temperature variation

Following the watering step, it is important to wait for the surface to freeze properly before skating. It is important not to venture into rinks before they are ready, as the weight of the individuals on the forming ice could affect the condition of the ice surface.

In the summer, the rink in Senneville Park (20 Morningside Avenue) is used for floor hockey as well as a basketball court.


The snow-covered slide will be made if weather conditions permit.