toilet paper roll, popsicle sticks , tape, string Peanut butter, raisins,  sunflower seeds, and oats 


Take 2 toilet paper rolls and tape them one on to of the other

Start with your toilet paper roll and punch two small holes, one on each side of one end.

thread 8-12″ of string through the holes

Knot the ends of the string ends together to form a ooptop

Punch two more holes about halfway down the toilet paper roll and again 2-4 inches from the bottom.

Thread the popcicle stick through the holes so it passes through to the other side. Place them so that they are even on either side

Spread the peanut butter around the toilet paper roll, covering as much as possible

Sprinkle the seeds, raisins and oats on top, forming a layer over the peanut butter

Once the peanut butter is covered with seeds etc, bring it outside and hang in your tree

Try to select a branch that is surrounded by other brands, so that the birds can reach the birdfeeder more easily