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Coyote presence on the territory

It has come to our attention that coyotes have been observed in certain areas of our territory.

We understand that the presence of these wild animals may cause concern, but we would like to inform you of the measures to be taken to promote coexistence with this animal, which has adapted to life in an urban environment.

To ensure everyone’s safety, we encourage you to remain vigilant when outdoors, especially in wooded areas or near waterways where coyotes are more likely to be present. Here are a few simple tips to minimize the risk of an encounter:

1.     Keep your pets under supervision when leaving them outdoors.

2.     Avoid leaving unsecured food outside, as this may attract coyotes.

3.     If you encounter a coyote, stay calm and back away slowly, without turning your back.

4.     Report the presence of coyotes in your area by calling the Info-coyotes line, 438 872-COYO (2696), or by completing the online form available on the Ville de Montréal web page. This information is essential for planning appropriate interventions to ensure harmonious coexistence.

INFO: Wild Life – Village de Senneville