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Branch collection

Starting this week, the branch collection service will resume for the 2024 season.

Branch collection takes place every two weeks on Tuesdays from mid-April to mid-November (weather permitting)

(April 23 – May 7 – May 21 – June 4 – June 18 – July 2 – July 16 – July 30 – August 13 – August 27 – September 10 – September 24 – October 8 – October 22 – November 5)

IMPORTANT – Occasionally, collection dates may vary due to urgent work by Public Works employees.

To ensure that branches are collected, it is IMPORTANT to follow the following rules of use:

  • Branches must be grouped and piled no higher than 1.2 metres (4 feet) and no wider than 4 metres (13.2 feet) from the curb;
  • Branches must not exceed 2.4 metres (8 feet) in length;
  • Branches must not be tied;
  • Branches must be placed on your property, about 1 metre from the curb and in rows with the cut ends facing the street (away from poison ivy plants);
  • They must not exceed 7.5 cm (three inches) in diameter. This service is only available for branches from light pruning work or as a result of a storm.

What will not be collected?

  • Tangled branches;
  • Thorny branches (e.g. hawthorn, rose bushes, etc.) that could cause injury;
  • Tree residues from pruning or felling carried out by private contractors will not be collected;
  • Ground scrapings;
  • Roots, stumps and other objects such as plastic and metal will not be accepted;
  • Non-conforming branches will not be collected. If necessary, a notice will be given to the resident explaining the desired changes for the next time.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Branch collection – Village de Senneville