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Call for applications – EXTENSION OF THE DEADLINE TODECEMBER 1, 2023Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Village of Senneville invites all citizens with an interest in architecture and urban planning to submit their candidacy to sit on its Urban Planning Advisory Committee (PAC);

The PAC plays an important active role in territorial planning. The main mandate of the committee is to study the files submitted, to provide opinions and recommendations to the Municipal Council on subjects falling within its competence in matters of town planning, development, zoning, subdivision or even of construction. Notably, the PAC studies requests concerning modifications to town planning by-laws, projects subject to the by-law respecting site planning and architectural integration program;

Members carry out their functions within the field of competence assigned to them and according to the regulations in force;

The PAC meets in camera and the mandate of a committee member is for a period of two years which can be renewed.
Members receive an attendance allowance as compensation for the performance of their duties;

The selection criteria for members are as follows:

  • To be available to participate in meetings. They generally take place once a month, on Monday at 5:30 p.m.;
  • To have a good knowledge of the municipal territory;
  • To be dynamic, have an open and critical mind, and wish to actively participate in meetings;
  • Having expertise or an interest in the areas of town planning, environment, landscape architecture,
    construction, architecture or heritage is an asset;

Any interested party is invited to:

1- Submit their application by completing and submitting the online form.
2- Submit their cover letter as well as their curriculum vitae to the following address srobinson@senneville.ca

All no later than December 1st, 2023, at noon.

The selection committee is made up of elected members of the PAC. They may, if necessary, call the candidates for an interview.

Any candidate selected by the selection committee will be the subject of a recommendation to the municipal council which, as the competent authority, will make any decision regarding their appointment.

If you are motivated by the challenge, send us your application!

Public notice : AP_avis_public_candidatures_extension_CCU_VF.pdf (senneville.ca)